Opinion: How Experts Evaluate ICOs and New Cryptocurrencies

Opinion: How Experts Evaluate ICOs and New CryptocurrenciesAt the same time. I find myself a bit alarmed by the fever pitch at which new projects and their associated ICOs are hitting the market What immediately comes to mind is the irrational exuberance of the “dotcom boom” of the 80s that led to the unrestrained acceleration of asset values.

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The Top 25 Cryptocurrencies

The Top 25 CryptocurrenciesBelow are nine ways that experts are likely evaluating todays dizzying array of ICO projects and their offerings. These points are not meant to be investment advice but rather brief considerations to assist you in navigating this nascent cryptocurrency landscape.

1. Experts identify and vet project founders and advisors:

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The Problem With GBCs

The Problem With GBCsIn a surprising twist on December 3. 2017, cryptocurrency mining in Venezuela was deemed legal by President Nicolas Maduro. who expressed interest in cryptocurrencies and announced that the Venezuelan government intended to create an official cryptocurrency for the country, to be called the “petro.” Less than two weeks later, however, authorities ransacked a mining operation Continue reading “The Problem With GBCs”

Bitcoin: The Solution for Online Payments

Bitcoin: The Solution for Online PaymentsBitcoin was invented in 2009. making the most of everything we know about the internet and online security. Its a payment system designed specifically for internet purchases from the ground up. While credit card companies spend countless resources trying to make their outdated products work better online, theyll never be able to match the simplicity and security of Bitcoin.

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Category Guide to Crypto Wallets

Category Guide to Crypto WalletsHARDWARE WALLET: TREZOR

The TREZOR hardware wallet requires an initial investment from users, a little over $100. but for many it is the preferred method of keeping private keys safe.

Hardware wallets tend to be small, flash-drive-style devices that plug into computers through a USB connection. Users then interact with the wallet, and therefore with Continue reading “Category Guide to Crypto Wallets”

Five — Security Habits for a More

Five — Security Habits for a MoreCryptocurrency Portfolio

Anyone riding the cryptocurrency wave is likely enjoying once-in – a-lifetime returns. But the longterm benefits of those returns are dependent on the way you manage your crypto portfolio. Where and how are you managing it?

Investing in cryptocurrencies is not as easy as buying stock in an existing brokerage account. One day this will change, but in the meantime, Continue reading “Five — Security Habits for a More”

Bitcoin India Leads an Emerging Epicenter for Digital Asset Services

Bitcoin India Leads an Emerging Epicenter for Digital Asset ServicesIndia is prime Bitcoin territory. For its population of over a billion, of whom an estimated 250 million are unbanked, blockchain-based digital assets such as bitcoin and ether have always offered a pathway to increased financial inclusion and a greater role in the global economy.

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Cryptocurrency and Tax Laws

Cryptocurrency and Tax LawsSince the issuance of IRS Notice 2014-21. crypto assets have been taxed as property (see page 82). with gains and losses taxed at applicable capital gains rates.

The IRS did not require cryptocurrency exchanges to provide form 1099-B to disclose gains and losses, but instead obligated individuals to self-report; Continue reading “Cryptocurrency and Tax Laws”