Beyond Bitcoin: The Future of Cryptocurrency By Giulio Prisco

The popularity of Bitcoin and the power of its underlying blockchain technology have given rise to many imitators, alternative cryptocurrencies that seek to duplicate Bitcoin. improve on its model or take the technology to another level. The vast majority of “altcoins” (a somewhat derogatory term for coins marketed as alternatives

Venezuelans Turn to Bltcoln

An intriguing place to watch the relationship between cryptocurrency and government is Venezuela. Without a doubt, Venezuela could use the benefits that many cryptocurrencies promise. The Venezuelan government has maintained strict controls over its fiat currency, the bolivar, since 2003, and falling oil prices since 2014 have spurred the countrys current

How Bitcoin Created the New Crypto Asset Class

Born out of the global financial crisis of that time. Bitcoin was made up of more than just clever programming. The white paper combined important facets of computer science, cryptography. economics and network theory to create something that no single one of these disciplines alone could have formed. Over the last nine years. Bitcoin has […]


Governments aside. ICOs and the emergence of hundreds, if not thousands, of new cryptocurrencies have brought a wealth of new players into the Bitcoin and blockchain technology business space. Drapers take on the ICO craze is optimistic, as it introduces a new mechanism for funding ventures. “Its fantastic.” Draper said. “These ICOs are allowing people […]